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NY Defensive Driving

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NY Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving

New York State Approved Defensive Driving Class

Defensive Driving Course NY

Defensive Driving Course NY
Driver error accounts for almost all vehicle crashes (95%). To reduce the likelihood of being involved in a traffic collision, you need to understand the concept of “defensive driving.” The NY Defensive Driving Course will provide you with standard accident-prevention techniques.

We make completing the New York Defensive Driving course easy and inexpensive. Our DMV approved online course covers a wide range of topics including:

● Accident Prevention Techniques
● Traffic Signs
● Alcohol and Drugs

It also contains many helpful resources for anyone that is a good
driver but needs a refresher on the basic driving skills.

Upon completion of the NY Defensive Driving Course:

● Four points will be removed from the accumulated points
   you currently have on your license.
● You will also qualify for an insurance rate reduction. (Details)

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