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If you break traffic laws, your drivers license could be suspended or revoked.  These traffic infractions may result in fines, suspensions and even imprisonment. The seriousness of your violations - and resulting penalties - are tracked by the DMV using a point system.

If you are convicted of a moving violation, the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles will penalize you by adding points to your driving record. You will only get points on your record for moving violations - points are not assessed for parking and other violations. A table is provided for more information on the number of points earned for specific violations.

How do points affect you?

  • If you get eleven or more points within eighteen months on your current driving record, your license will be suspended or revoked.
  • Getting points on your license may also increase your insurance rates.

How can I get a point reduction from my motor vehicle record?
The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles keeps a record of the points you've earned.  However it is possible to earn point reductions by taking a qualified driving course approved by the NY DMV.

If you complete New York Safe Drive's approved Defensive Driving Course:

  • Four points will be reduced from the accumulated points you currently have on your license.
  • You will also qualify for an insurance rate reduction on your car insurance. (Details)
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